Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is nothing better...

Than spending time with your child. Currently, I'm watching Monty Python's Holy Grail with my daughter. She's laughing her ass off, which in turn is making me giggle. I nearly peed the first time I saw this movie and it seems that my daughter is having the same experience.

So, the moral of this story is...

Always remember what the Monty Python boys say....."You never expect the Spanish Inquisition."

Run away, run away, run away....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seriously...He's a Dumbass

Dutch man injures posterior in mooning accident (is it just me or do you have “Bad Moon Rising” stuck in your head now?)

Wed Jun 4, 1:11 AM ET

Utrecht police say a 21-year-old Dutch man is recovering after a "mooning" that went horribly awry. (I giggle every time I read that!)

A police statement says the man and two others had run down a street in Utrecht with their pants pulled down in the back "for a joke." (I bet they looked like nekkid penguins a-waddlin’ down the street…or retards.)

It says that at one point the 21-year-old "pushed his behind against the window of a restaurant" that broke (he broke a window with his ass!? Now that is a superpower ~ Don’t worry kids! Ass Man is here! ) and resulted in "deep wounds to his derriere." (thank God he didn’t fart while taking out that window – he would have blown the place to smithereens with that powerful hiney o’ his!)

The statement released Tuesday says police detained the three men after the incident Sunday morning. But the cafe owner decided not to press charges after the men agreed to pay for the broken window. (besides, it just makes a good story…”three dumbasses walk into a cafĂ©…”)

The injured man was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital. (maybe Prince can loan him a pair of ass-less pants).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nana Beans

My ex-husband's mother passed away recently. Her obituary is beautiful and I thought I'd share it with the world so that everyone may know the beauty that was Nana Beans.


Noreen "Nell" Frances Brown Known by her granddaughter as "Nana-Beans", passed away quietly on May 30, 2008.

She was the second of five daughters, and came as an early Christmas present to Vera and Frank Farrell in December 1948 in Bogota, NJ. Nell and her family moved to Tucson in 1958 where she graduated from Salpointe Catholic High.

Nell is survived by her daughter, Kris Pattyson; her son, Kevin Brown; her granddaughter and the twinkle in her eye. In addition she is survived by her four sisters, Kathy Dehn, Colleen Babcock, Joanie Mauger and Maryanne Kizuka; and her "cohort in crime" Aunt Rosemary Burgerhoudt.

Though the last few years of Nell's life were plagued by the effect of fighting cancer her concerns were always about her family. Nell was a wonderful loving mother and grandmother and a friend to all and in the words of her son, "She has now become a great guardian angel to all". The family extends a special thank you to Hospice Family Care for their loving care of Nell during her final days.

Nana Beans and her Silly Duck...