Saturday, December 5, 2009


It seems I've not only neglected my blog, but abaonded it all together. Mi malo, y'all.

Other than the fool in TX attempting to steal my butter ball glory, not much has happened in my little life. I do have to say that reading all of the people who responded to stories defending my honor and that of the wayward butter balls, made my heart warm. I was supposed to appear on a local news show, but alas, they had more important things to report. Or they just don't realize the gem of a story they have on butter balls - I mean, it's been years and people are not only still talking about it, but trying to steal the recipe. Oh, well...I guess no one is really interested in reporting the truth. shocking. truly shocking.

There is a new boy in my life. We'll see how things go with that. Jury is still out. It's very possible that I'm just being protective of my heart. Hmmmm....

My friend Dana's dad is battling pancreatic cancer and has entered hospice care. My company had a $5 jeans day to raise money to help with his care. We raised over $300! It was very heartwarming to know I work for a company that recognizes an employee in need and does something about it.

My baby sister and her family came down for Thanksgiving. My 6-year old nephew dubbed the butter we were rubbing on the turkey, "turkey lotion" and the beaters from the whipped cream, "wish cream sticks". They were only here for a day, but we all had the best time. The best part was that they were a surprise for our mom. Seeing her drop to her knees and scoop up my nephew and cover him in kisses was a beautiful thing to see.

I have to say, I am so grateful that I held on to all the holiday crafts my daughter made over the years. My home was covered in turkeys made by tiny hands, turkeys made out of pinecones and feathers and little notes in wobbly handwriting of why she was thankful.

And now, I get to cover my house in snowflakes, fingerpaintings and crafts made by a little girl who knew the wonder and magic of Christmas. I love being surrounded by all the reminders of when my almost-grown-up was a "baby". This is the way to decorate for the holidays!

My holiday plans include baking a silly amount of cookies, going to the boat parade at Tempe Town Lake, taking baby girl to the Nutcraker, winter concert at baby girl's choir, and wishing the world peace.

I'm off now to review Yahoo! and other news sources for some good, slighty off, news stories to comment on.

Peace and good wishes, y'all!