Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fifteen Years Ago...

I was a passenger in a white Chevy pick-up truck. The truck was racing down a bumpy dirt road through the cool Georgia morning.

It was time. She was on her way.

The sun had yet to rise, no one was on the streets and all was calm. Except for my husband who I prayed wouldn't get into a wreck on the way to the hospital. I couldn't remember how I was supposed to breathe or what I was supposed to do. Is it really supposed to hurt this much? Nature remembered what to do and took over for me.

Four hours and thirteen minutes later I heard the sweetest sound.

A little cry. From a little girl.

After the weighing and the measuring was through and visiting hours were over, I lay in my bed holding the miracle that had just passed through me. What had I done right in my life to deserve this child? I was humbled before God. She had ten little fingers, ten little toes and the face of an angel. I was unaware of my capacity to love another soul until this day. As I lay there staring at this most perfect child, a wave of emotion swept over me and I cried tears of joy, fear and devotion. Everything I had ever known about myself and my life had been changed forever and for better.

Fifteen years have passed since that day and I am still humbled by the blessing God bestowed upon me. She has made my life rich. She has made my life complete. I cherish each moment I've had with her and thank God every day. She has made me a better person and taught me love, patience, humility and grace.

Happy Birthday angel baby!! Mommy and Daddy love you to all our hearts!

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