Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Was Minding My Own Business!

I was tasked with putting together a map for Rebuilding Together. I couldn't just put a text box with 202-E on it and be happy. Oh, no, no, no. I thought I could find a 202 graphic on-line. So I googled "az sr 202". I was minding my own business when I found this...

Ah, good 'ol Oatman, AZ! As if the name "Jackass Junction" weren't fun enough...look just under the 'n' in Junction. The sign reads: "Badges & Brothel Tokens".

I had no idea that whores were accepting tokens as currency these days. I don't even want to know what slot those tokens go in.

So, I mention this find to my friend Teresa. She is an avid Harley fan and has taken many a day trip throughout our great state. She's been to Oatman. Even better, she can explain the sign.

Apparently, in Oatman wild donkeys roam the streets. One can only assume that is why Oatman is commonly referred to as "Jackass Junction".

Wild donkeys, huh? Oh, the images that little statement conjured up...

Bands fo renegade donkeys roaming the streets of a sleepy little Arizona town. Throwing gang signs at each other. Each gang fighting for control of the West Siiide!

I'm planning a little day trip to Oatman. I gotta see this shit for myself.

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