Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why I Carry a Camera in My Purse

I was driving home from the library last night when I spied this fine piece of art...

If you can't make out what it is...let me enlighten you...
It's a shaved decapitated baby doll head with nails driven into it. It has been painted with various shades of brown and black and also has some sort of glitter all over it. Maybe it was a disco ball from a tribe of Congo head shrinkers?
On top of the baby doll head is another smaller baby doll. Also with nails driven into it.
Now, I'm not certain if this was a tribute to "Sid" from 'Toy Story' or if I happened to be driving next to someone who practices Voodoo or if this person has something against baby dolls. But it was defiantely the most disturbing antenna ball I've ever seen. Hell, it made me laugh and I thought I'd share.

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