Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Picture Made Me Wonder...

I was browing Yahoo!'s most popular news stories and found this picture

I was left to wonder...

(1) Do you think designers sit down and design the most outrageously stupid outfit just to see if they can get people to wear it? Kind of like The Emperor's New Clothes? I understand that sometimes designs aren't meant to wear in public, they're more of a peice of art...but seriously, this is just stupid. It kind of reminds me of a character from the cartoon Real Monsters.

(2) There is no way you could get me to wear a frown over my who-ha. That's just good policy. This model is walking down the runway with a sad coochie. What does this say about her? Has it been a while? Does she smell like tuna? Does she suck in bed? Poor little sad cooter.

I think this is why I should never go to fashion shows. I would see something and have to comment or I would just laugh loud, long and proud. Just give me some faded blue jeans and a comfy top and I'm happy. Oh, and panties with a smile on them. ;-)

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