Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Best Good Friend

I gathered the mail for my boss while she was on vacation. One of the pieces of mail she received was the community newsletter for DC Ranch. I admit, I had to open it and take a look. After all, my best good friend Vanessa is the community manager. On the front of the newsletter was a story about the recent change of security providers.

I felt myself swell with pride. Years of hard work, determination and perseverance had come to fruition. The previous security company was awful. Awful in every sense and definition of the word. Vanessa championed this issue for the residents and found a solution. And her solution was there, right on the front page.

I admire this woman so much. She challenges me to be the best of version of me and she loves me not in spite of things, but because of them. She’s intelligent, beautiful and loves spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. My life is sweeter for just having known her. I pray that everyone finds a friend like my Vanessa. But, not my Vanessa…’cause I ain’t sharing.

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