Monday, August 20, 2007

True Stories of Dell Technical Support

My dad bought my daughter a laptop. The thing wouldn’t power up when we got it, so I called Dell Technical Support. Of course, I was connected with India. My call was routed to a very cordial young man named, Damandeep.

Girl, yes…DA MAN DEEP.

This tickled me so much that I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying to me, so I had to think of him as “Steve”. “Steve” couldn’t help me power up my hoopdee laptop, so he sent me on to customer care and had me order a replacement.

Before he transferred me, he said that he would send me an email confirming our conversation and my replacement order.

I got the email this morning.

It was signed….


I giggled about this for a while. Then I decided that it was a message from the Universe reminding me to “love deep”. I got it, Universe. I’ll remember to love deep.

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