Friday, October 5, 2007

Is Bobby Deen Gay?

Now how the sam hill would I know? More than that...who cares?! I have no idea why so many of you are asking for an answer regarding his dating status or if he prefers boys. I don't know the man. I also don't know if he has a girlfriend, where he lives, what his favorite flavor of ice cream is or what shade of red he likes to paint his toenails.

I realize that these are the burning questions that keep y'all up at night and what you fantasize about during the day. But, I'm not the girl to turn to for answers.

I was on his mom's show a while ago simply due to a dare from a friend. Honestly, the sole purpose for me being on her show was to make a complete jackass out of myself (which I did with artful precision). I never met him, or any other member of the Deen family when I was in Savnnah. Even if I had met the wildly popular Bobby, I doubt the topic of his sexual orientation, ice cream and/or dating status would have came up. Nail polish...possibly.

Here's how this whooollee thing got started...


shari deen said...

as bobby deens',neice...shari deen both of whom are from texas. your web site might be cute but i do take offence to the title of your site 'is bobby deen gay'.maybe you could be alittle more specific about who your bobby deen is. ours is a successful politician,agreat father,awsome uncle,good son,a good husband,and an upstanding member in our community. t/y for your time and reconsideration on the title your web site.

Shari said...

Shari - Thanks for your post. However the title of my blog is not 'Is Bobby Deen Gay?'. That is the title of one post on my blog. If you took the time to read the post, it does specify which Bobby Deen I am referring to, so I doubt there would be any confusion with your uncle.