Thursday, April 26, 2007

Deep Fried Butter Balls

The thing about making a complete jackass out of yourself on national television is that you get to see it in syndication. Again and again and again...

Because of a sarcastic remark by Bobby Deen, my friend Christine telling me I couldn't do sometihng and my complete inability to back down from a challenge...I ended up on 'Paula's Party' frying frozen balls of butter with Paula Deen.

This was, by far, the most surreal experience of my life. What happned was this...(I feel like I should start 'Once Upon a Time)

I watched Paula Deens chefography on Food Network. While they were rolling the credits, they showed her son, Bobby, on a tour bus talking to the tourists. He asked if anyone had any questions. A lady said, "Yeah. What's your mom's favorite dessert?"

"Butter," Bobby replied, "Fried butter with sour cream sauce."

Now that was funny.

I was talking about the chefography with my friend Christine the next day at work. She's from GA and I lived there for a while, so we've bonded over our love of all things SE Georgia.
I asked her if she had seen what Bobby had said. She did.

And I wondered out loud, "Now, how the sam hill would you fry butter?" Not that I thought fried butter would make great finger foods at poker parties, but...could it be done? hmmmm...
Christine looked at me like I was crazy, "You can't fry no damn butter! What the hell is wrong with you!?"

That's all it took. You can't tell me that I can't do something in the kitchen. I'll do it, and I'll do it twice. In heels if I mean bidness. ;-)

After a first failed attempt, I got smart about it and mixed the butter with a little cream cheese, froze it, battered and deep fried it. Yes Virginia, you can deep fry butter. Call me Wyl E., because I'm a Super-Genius!

I brought it in to Christine, who wouldn't even try it. But, who can blame her. Fried butter?


A couple of days later, I found a link on the Food Network website to appear on t.v. with Paula if you had a story/recepie on one of their listed topics. One topic was: "What is the strangest food you've ever deep fried?"

Oh, shit. My diabolical plan was set in motion.

So, I sent in my story. I never thought I'd hear back. Why would anyone want to fry butter? That's just wonky. But I did hear back. After a few e-mails and phone calls with producers, my best-good friend Vanessa and I were on our way to Savannah.

I love Savannah. I miss living there. I was going home.

Vanessa and I misbehaved all the way there.

So, we get to the day of taping. Wheeee. It wasn't until then, when talking to the producer, that I was told I would be cooking said butter balls with Paula Deen.

*gasp* If I would've known that I would've worn the "good" bra!

So, I fried butter with Paula Deen. I also said some completely inappropriate things after I was miked. But a chocolate gooey butter cake can do that to a girl.

Paula was very sweet and funny as hell. She even chatted a little with me after the show. I felt bad that she had to eat the butter balls. They're icky. However, if you substitued bleu cheese for the cream cheese, they'd probably be yummy on a grilled steak.

This moment in my life was truly surreal. I'm the subject of some foodie blogs and have the world at large thinking I'm insane. (insert evil laugh here) My diabolical plan is working!

My most favorite part of this experience is that I was able to share it with my best friend. I would say that she's the wind beneath my wings, but we're not that hokey.

The show we were on originally aired in October and just aired again last week. My friend Tom called, "Hey, you're on t.v. again! You're a total jackass. I think you scared Paula Deen."

Tom has been enrolled in the Ricky Martin fan club.

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