Monday, April 30, 2007

The Fried Butter Balls That Took Over the World

I feel like Brain. You know, from 'Pinky & The Brain'. My diabolical plan to take over the world is in motion. (insert maniacal laugh here). And, if that's the case, Bobby Deen is my 'Pinky' because that's where all crazy ideas start.

My Deep Fried Butter Balls (even though Food Network touts them as Paulas) are the topic of many a blog. I have, with the assistance of Paula Deen and the Food Network, grossed out an entire nation!

I have to say, I agree with most of them. No on in their right mind should eat them. They were a joke. Period.

Not. Meant. For. Consumption.

However, a few brave (ok, crazy) souls made them. And enjoyed them. Yes, enjoyed them. Silly rabbits.]Kraft,1973,FOOD_9919_34925,00.html]Food

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