Thursday, April 26, 2007

Skulls? For Real?

On my way home last night, I saw something that made me start to wonder...

I had gotten off the freeway and was behind a truck with a tailgate sign that read:

Stockyard Bison Ranch

Meat Livestock Breeding Skulls

Skulls? I can understand buying Bison meat, even breeding…but skulls? What would one use a bison skull for? Voodoo? Native American love rituals? A planter?

Now, I've seen people use the Longhorn skulls to accent their Southwestern d├ęcor. I've always thought using dead animal heads to decorate was dumb, but to each their own.

The truck was from South Dakota, I guess there must be a market for bison skulls in Bismarck.

I've been chased by a mama buffalo before. Not fun, wouldn't recommend it. Maybe these people take care of the rogue bison that terrorize small children.

Just something else to add to my list of Really Wonky Random Weird Stuff That I See While Driving.

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