Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rachael Ray Book Signing at Kierland

I gave my daughter one of her Christmas presents early. A friend of mine told me that Rachael Ray would be at Kierland for a book signing in December. Yippee!

A few years ago, my daughter went through the RR cookbook I have and picked out what she wanted me to make for her birthday dinner. I've made it for her birthday every year since.

I picked her up from school yesterday and we headed over to Kierland. We stood in line for three hours before the book signing was even scheudled to start. Thank God ~ the line had already started to form.

My friend Nicole showed up, made a Starbucks run and waited in line with us.

When my daughter gave Rachael her book she said, "You're my biggest inspiration for cooking. I made my first meal when I was 7."

Rachael told my daughter that she had her beat by four years, she had made her first meal at 11.

Then my daughter told Rachael that she was 14 and Rachael Ray nearly had a fit. She thought my "baby" looked 18. That coupled with the fact that she just met Miss Rachael made my daughters day.

I so have the Mommy of the Year award wrapped up!
* side note: I met a lady in line who didn't have a ticket. oops! However, the store told me that I could bring as many people as I wanted on my one ticket. This sounded fishy, so I asked about it. Twice. And got the same answer both times. So, anyway, I let this lady come in with us. It is, after all, Christmastime, the Season of Perpetual Hope. Turns out she works for McCormick spices. Guess who will be getting some free spices....YAY ME!

Rachael Ray signing my books.

Rachael Ray signing my daughters book.

Thanks, Rachael. You were so gracious and sweet to my daughter. I wish you success in all your future endeavors and hope you have a lovely holiday!

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